Usage Summary

The Usage Summary report allows you to view user activity in various ways. You can view their total usage by month, credits used (if on the Credits plan), and the total messages sent by type.

Access the Usage Summary Report

  1. Go to Settings → Reports
  2. Select the Usage Summary option on the Reports page.

Displaying User Data:

*if you are the only user on the account, you will not see a user name listed and all data is for the one user on the account*
  • Use the toggles to group information by total User history or User history by month. You can also toggle to see credit usage by message type or total messages sent by type.

  • When Credits is selected, you'll see the number of Broadcasts Completed, Voice Credits used, Text Credits used, Conversation Credits used, and Total Credits used per user.
  • When Messages is selected, you'll see the number of Broadcasts Completed, Voice Messages sent, Text Messages sent (broadcasts), and Conversations sent per user.
  • You can filter by any date range to see each user's activity for a custom time period. Just click the calendar icon to see your options.

  • You can export this report to a .CSV spreadsheet by selecting the down arrow icon. The filters selected will be applied to the exported report.
  • You may filter by user status (all users, enabled, or disabled), date, and specific user. You also have the option to sort by user (by last name), number of broadcasts completed, voice credits/messages, text credits/messages, conversation credits/messages, and total by clicking on the column headings.  When hovering over each line, you'll see an icon on the far right to link directly to the Credit Balance report for that particular user.
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