Creating a Voice & Text Broadcast via the Mobile Site

Access Text-Em-All's mobile site from your smartphone at

Here's how to create a voice & text broadcast:

  1. Click the ORANGE broadcast icon.
  2. Give your message a name.
  3. Select VOICE & TEXT as the broadcast type.
    1. Under "Voice & Text Option," choose if you'd like to send both a text message and voice call to text subscribers (the default is text message only to text subscribers).
  4. Confirm the Caller ID number that you'd like to appear for your outbound calls.
  5. Confirm the Text Number for your outbound text messages.
  6. Confirm the date and time.
  7. Add recipients.
    • Individually 
    • Groups
  8. Choose to record a new message by selecting "Record Later" or choose an existing audio message by choosing "Select from Audio Library."
  9. Type out your text message.
  10. Click on the CREATE BROADCAST icon.
    1. If recording a new message, follow the recording instructions by dialing the phone number and entering your message recording ID (Hint: on an iPhone, simply click the 866 number and your phone will dial the number and automatically enter the recording ID).
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