Understanding Potential Call Delivery Issues

You've probably experienced a friend or family member saying they've called and left you a voicemail and the voicemail is never received or shows up randomly at a later time. Our system is no different and can occasionally run into the same issues. Text-Em-All sends your voice calls to your contacts using traditional phone lines. We work with many carriers to deliver phone calls. These carriers are then responsible for delivering phone calls to your contact's phone.

Common reasons voice call to a landline or a cell phone is not received

  • Potential Landline delivery issues. 

    • Landlines go through a local operating system that can be overloaded when a mass call is sent. The local phone companies in more rural locations don't have the circuit boards to handle more than about 24 calls at a time. Some of the reasons a call might not complete to a landline are:   
      • We are sending calls out at about 4500 calls per minute, so the circuit board is getting overloaded and dropping the calls.
      • The local company thinks the call is SPAM and is filtering the call. 
      • A contact is on the phone and doesn't have call-waiting. 
      • One of the routes to get to the handset is bad and needs to be changed.
  • Invalid Numbers

    • Numbers that are included in your voice broadcast that are invalid will not be completed and displayed accordingly in the broadcast details of your completed text broadcast.
  • Potential Cell Phone delivery issues. 

    • Mobile devices are constantly updating for improvement and depending on where the mobile device is and the amount of service it is able to obtain, voice calls can have trouble connecting to the device at the time and may leave a voicemail, if able.
      • Devices could be roaming or in and out of service.
      • The device could be performing an update and unable to receive the call or have a delay in receiving a voicemail.
      • Carriers could be experiencing an outage in a specific area.
      • The carrier thinks the call is SPAM and is filtering the call.
      • Carriers can experience a delay in delivery so the voicemail shows up later than originally sent without a missed call.  

If you are receiving reports of anyone in your audience not receiving your call, please let us know! Our Customer Experience team is happy to help research further and can be reached at 877-226-3080 or support@text-em-all.com

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