Update Max Voice Message Length

By default, you may record up to 120-second voice broadcasts. You may limit the length of your voice messages if you are trying to be conscious of message length or save credits. Shorter messages consume fewer credits on the Credits plan.

Update Max Message Length

  1. Navigate to your Settings > Voice Settings page
  2. Click Edit to the right of "Max Message Length" under "Broadcast Settings"
  3. Select your preferred length
  4. Click Save

Why can't I record a longer message?

You may notice that you can't record up to 120 seconds at times in your account. There are two reasons why your account may be restricting you to less than 120 seconds:

  • You don't have enough credits. Every 30 seconds of your voice message requires 1 credit for each phone number you are calling. If you need your message to be longer than 30 seconds, you may need additional credits per phone number. Read about how credits work.
  • Your account settings may already be set to limit your message length to less then 120 seconds. You can edit these settings using the instructions above. 
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