Voice Settings: Managing Calling Window

Your calling window is the time frame that broadcasts can be sent out. You can also manage if broadcasts need to carry over to the next day, should you reach your Calling Window Stop Time, and the days you would like to be able to send broadcasts.  

Edit Calling Window Time

  1. Go to Settings → Voice Settings
  2. On the Calling Window row click Edit.
  3.  A dialog will appear where you may edit your Calling Window Settings. 
    1. To turn off your calling window, click the grey toggle button to turn it off. Then click OK. 
    2. To change the Calling Window Start/Stop Time, click into the text field, and type your time. Then click OK.
    3. To continue on next day click the grey toggle button. This allows broadcasts to continue on the next day at your Start Time. 

Note: If you’d like to be able to send messages 24/7, disable the option to Enforce calling window. Broadcasts launched by phone will ignore the calling window and will be sent immediately.

Edit Calling Day

You may change the days that calls are allowed to go out. This will ensure no one gets a call on a day you don't want them to. 

  1. Go to Settings → Voice Settings
  2. On the Calling Day row click Edit.
  3. Click the checkboxes for the days you wish to enable messages to go out. 
  4. Click OK when finished.
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