Creating Voice Only Broadcasts via the Mobile Site

Access Text-Em-All's mobile site from your smartphone at

Here's how to create a  voice broadcast:

  1. Click the ORANGE broadcast icon.
  2. Give your message a name.
  3. Select VOICE as the broadcast type.
  4. Confirm the Caller ID number that you'd like to appear for your outbound calls.
  5. Confirm the date and time.
  6. Add recipients.
    • Individually 
    • Groups
  7. Choose to record a new message by selecting "Record Later" or choose an existing audio message by choosing "Select from Audio Library."
  8. Click on the CREATE BROADCAST icon.
    1. If recording a new message, follow the recording instructions by dialing the phone number and entering your message recording ID (Hint: on an iPhone, simply click the 866 number and your phone will dial the number and automatically enter the recording ID).
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