How to Create a Text Broadcast Using the Mobile Site

You may send a text broadcast via our mobile site on your phone's web browser at This is a mobile version of our website and does not include all the features of the main desktop site. 

How to access our mobile site

  1. Open your phone's web browser and enter into the search bar. 
  2. Sign in with your username and password to access the site. 

How to send a Text Broadcast on the mobile site

  1. Clicking the ORANGE broadcast icon
  2. Give your message a name by tapping the blue text that says "New Broadcast"
  3. Select TEXT as the broadcast type by tapping the right arrow selecting Text only from the menu then tap the back arrow on the top left.
  4. If you wish to change the date and time click the right arrow and toggle the Start Immediately button off. Then select the date and time.
  5. Add recipients by clicking the right arrow on the Recipients row
    1. Next click the plus icon on the top right of the page. You can then choose to add contacts Individually or by Groups.
    2. Contacts or groups will show on the Broadcast Contacts screen. From here you can choose to exclude contacts if you change your mind. Click the back arrow to return to the broadcast steps. 
  6. To type out your message click the right arrow on the Text Message row. When you are finished typing the message tap Save.
  7. Tap on the CREATE A BROADCAST icon when finished.

**Sending an image is not currently available via the mobile site. 

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