Using Text-Em-All in Avionté Classic

Connecting to Avionte Classic

Once you have your Text-Em-All account created, you'll need to contact us at to kick off your integration.

When you email in, tell us your Text-Em-All username and that you'd like to use the Avionte integration.

Once that's done, you will need to go to your Avionte rep and tell them you want the Text-Em-All integration. They will need the following bits of information from you:

  • Text-Em-All Username
  • Text-Em-All Password
  • Desired Caller ID for voice messages

They will confirm for you once you're all ready to go, and that's it!

Creating a Broadcast in Avionte

Please see the steps below for sending out a mass text or voice broadcast in Avionte:

First, go to Advanced Search in Avionte.

Create your search criteria.

Put a check mark next to everyone who should receive a message from you. When done, go to the Action menu and click Text-Em-All.

You then build your broadcast here. If you want to text, we highly recommend SMS/Voice because here, a text is sent to your cell phones and a voice message you record is sent to any landlines on your list.

If you simply sent an SMS/Text, you'd be done. If you were doing a voice component, follow the recording instructions that will pop up last. Then you're done!

Answering Those Who Text Back

When someone responds to the text broadcast that you sent, you will receive an alert from Text-Em-All about this. Click here to learn about text notifications.

When you want to view and engage those who reply to you, go to Conversations. Those can be learned about here.

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